Say What??

I’m becoming my mum – I’m watching CSPAN more and actually enjoying it – kind of – it’s fascinating and it’s frustrating….

I hear an “old white man” wailing away because some people may get put on a list that he calls the “no guns” list – the government must not be able to strip a fundamental right without a strong reason (I apologize for the descriptors but…) – and it must not be up to the person to regain their right – I’m paraphrasing… guilty until proven innocent and up to you to prove your innocent – that just isn’t right. That is how strongly the far right supports their rights to guns – any gun, given to anyone, of any types, with as much ammunition, that fires as much and as fast as possible – with no restriction.

I bet this same gentleman, if not at the March for Life last Friday, strongly supported it. I bet that gentleman would call as strongly for the repeal of Roe V Wade because he doesn’t believe in that constitutional right for women. He quite likely doesn’t even support contraception for women and I’d bet almost certainly doesn’t support free contraception through the Affordable Care Act. I’m willing to be that this gentleman would not mind at all that a woman was inconvenienced in exercising her constitutional rights and would care nothing about her having to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to exercise her constitutional right to control her own body. He would be more than happy for that constitutional right to be stripped away from her for all time. But stay away from his guns and if someone who might have mental health care issues that prevent them from getting a gun is inconvenienced…. well that is not to be allowed. Who cares if a few people die because someone should have been on the list and wasn’t because this gentleman didn’t want to risk anyone being inconvenienced.

Give us your tired, your… as long as they aren’t from these 7 randomly chosen countries with people with brown skin who we want you to be afraid of…

I keep hearing about a list and even Obama, and we couldn’t have any warning because people might have hopped onto a plane and it’s not a ban, and you shouldn’t be paying any attention to it – why do you care about this nonsense anyway….

We need extreme vetting, vetting, no extreme vetting, you mean serious vetting, no I mean extreme vetting….so what about the process needs to be improved – oh wait, we don’t ask that question.

Could someone have really just hopped on a plane and say I have a visa, or I’m a refuge so let me in – oh wait, we don’t ask that question.

But no one from any of those countries has actually killed an American on American soil – oh that’s one of those facts. I’ve got an alternate fact for you – Trump and his administration are scared and they don’t know what to do….Why wasn’t Saudi Arabia included well they weren’t on the list – but what does the list have to do with this – well it’s a list and it was President Obama’s list so it’s a good list…. and don’t look where Donald Trump has businesses…

Just do what they say…. don’t ask any questions….

People are upset not because they are sad about an election – people are fighting mad because our government has been hijacked by the Russians, the FBI, the Republicans propaganda and voter suppression, by a corporate media that is on the macro scale just interested in the profit of Trump – pun intended.

Our position to refugees, to immigrants is not hell no because your skin tone doesn’t match the right level of white, because you couldn’t answer right in your allegiance test – I pledge allegiance to the President of the United States and to the powers that he has graciously agreed to take, because of course he could be making a lot of money if he hadn’t agreed to be President of this broken country, that is full of losers, that has been losing for years because we are so stupid….

Oh yes, this is our new world. The United States sucks – forgive the language but I have to grab some attention – and it is essentially what the President is saying. Everything that we have ever done before is awful and wrong and must stop because a minority of people voted for him.

Given that we don’t have problems galore I’d say that our immigration process is doing just fine. Improve it, if there is reason, certainly, but you don’t have to shut it down to do it. Just because you don’t understand the process doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective. Just because you can go online and search for and find horrible videos of despicable men doing deplorable things doesn’t mean that our entire country is going to be facing the same thing if you let that 5 year old in or that 70 year old in. But you saw scary things and you yelled about them and you promised that nothing bad was ever going to happen once you became President because…

Because you have a good brain, and you watch the people on TV, and you have a great and better plan than any other, than anyone has had before and it starts with Immigration – severe vetting edition – we don’t just vet you – we extreme vet you – and some of those vetting questions – what do you think about President Trump – if you don’t say you like him – betting you fail that extreme vetting for nothing more than not liking a man who brags about grabbing women by the genitals.

We’re supposed to be grateful to President Trump. His propaganda officer Sean Spicer says that we are making them sad by not just saying yippee, thank you, and yes, the crowds were just so much bigger than anything anyone has ever seen. Then we’re supposed to say what Women’s March – you mean that group of people that was so much bigger than the Inauguration crowd – oh they were nothing – but there is going to be this great March for Life coming up – now that is a  March…. those other people protesting – they are just cry babies….

Oh and we’re going to give you great health care. You can have a health saving account -for example – what do you mean that isn’t insurance – look it’s your own money…. but look at premiums – oh you mean they were going up faster before the Affordable Care Act? well uh, we’re going to give you choices – if you don’t need maternity care you don’t have to pay for it – oh that sets things up as unequal for men and women well women don’t have to buy that care… contraception, why should that be free? Why should it be available? You mean it’s used for something other than stopping pregnancy, well who cares, it’s against our religion, and here’s an aspirin for your…. troubles….

The President is working on a replacement for the ACA with the HHS Nominee but that is what the President says and the HHS Nominee says only “that is what the president says“….

And we’ll get rid of two regulations for every new one…. does it matter if there are two that need to go…. no – let’s just have an arbitrary rule….

It’s the way of this new President… dictator, authoritarian  – judge him on his words, not on his words, his actions, but not his actions. If it happened yesterday then we can’t hold it against him, unless it is the democrats then everything that happened ever is either their fault or something they did wrong but can be held up as a but they did it.

Are you dizzy yet???




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