Message to My Nieces

I’m at a loss. I don’t know how to explain how a man like Donald Trump has become President.

I don’t have kids – I have very spoiled cats who are my kids – but I also have nieces that I love very much. I’m a very proud Aunt and I watch out for all of the “kids in the family” all of my cousin’s kids.

I don’t have perspective. I can’t explain what happened and I have to admit that I’m still angry, upset, and confused.

I watch a man with integrity leave the office of President and  a man who has shown no dignity, no respect, no integrity move into it.

I don’t have words for them and yet I will find them – somehow…

The first female candidate for President was treated with blaring disregard for facts, with a double standard that was glaring. It was because she was a woman. People acknowledged it. There was clear interference in the election by the FBI, by the Russians, by the Republicans with voter suppression, unwarranted hearings, it just went on. She wins and yet loses. That is the life of a woman. You work harder, have more qualifications, get more votes and still lose. How do I explain that.

How do I explain that a man who is so glaringly incompetent is becoming President?

How do I explain that a man who is a bully is becoming President?

How do I assure anyone that they are safe? That their looks, their last name won’t make them a target? We are a diverse family – not one color, not one race – we are all American and none of us feel safe.

I don’t think we had a fair and free election. I don’t think that Donald Trump is a legitimate President. I recognize that he will be President but I don’t think he should be. We need to know what the President Elect’s connections to Russia are. We need to know if there was collaboration between Trump’s world and the Russian’s or with the FBI. I have always had faith in our government. In the separation of powers. In our elections. I don’t have that faith right now.

What do I say to my nieces?

I’ll see…

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