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What do we do?

Trump dictates what is happening

What do we do?

If we don’t cover it, we’ll be accused of “tipping the scale”

What do we do?

The science is real, but if we don’t cover the controversy, we’ll be accused of “tipping the scale”

What do we do?

It’s a fact, but some disagree, if we call it a fact we’ll be accused of “tipping the scale”

What do we do?

I’ll tell you what

You make a choice, one that used to be what you were about

You tell the TRUTH

You call a fact a FACT

You make a choice

You choose to make false equivalencies or you don’t

It’s a choice

You don’t have to follow a false narrative

It’s a choice

You can’t jump to someone else’s tune

Say you do so

Say you are operating under a set of double standards

Acknowledge what you are doing

And then say

What choice do we have?

It’s not our fault

You are the 4th estate

You are the truth tellers

You are the fact finders

Or at least you were

Make a choice

Don’t dance to another’s tune and say

What do we do?

What choice do you have?

You make a choice

You acknowledge your role

Then you tell the truths

You stop the false equivalencies

You call facts

You call lies

You do your job


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