Towers Falling

Memories Fall

In short order

I try not to watch

I try not to see

The Towers stand in sharp contract against my memories eye

My heart breaks anew

That day, the day when like it or not our world changed

We fell to fear

Not yet recovered

A rage uncovered

The righteous fight we had felt before unfocused

The Towers fell

Our hearts cried

Who to fight

How to understand

Our world uncovered

An enemy that was not a people

They sought to destroy, and wrought far better than they imagined

The Towers fell

Our hearts uncovered

Hatred, fear undiscovered

A nation united

Taken unexpected

Directions warped

Directions twisted

Beauty renewed

I must believe

Towers falling

Our hearts rebuilding

Loving memories

Strength renewed

Hearts restored

We must recover

Purpose renewed

Strength recovered

Honor kept

Towers falling

Memories kept

Strength awakened

Valor kept

Our world restored

Weak protected

Ideals held

Hearts pure

Hatred gone

America strong

Together again



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