Just walk away they say

A strong woman would not let this happen they say

NO – I say

I can’t abide

I am strong

If it is your field  there is no getting away

What do you do – go back to school – get a new degree and pray

When you are 17 and serving ice cream

When a man comments on your breasts, tries to touch your breasts – do you leave your job

Why is it ok

Why do the men get to say

Walk away

We stand strong – we are strong

We aren’t victims

Its the men who are the problem

They hold power

We don’t give it to them

You do when you say leave your job

When you look away

We don’t want power

All we want is equality

It doesn’t hurt you

I’m so tired

I never wanted my niece to know that

Not at 17

Not ever

A woman is reaching for the stars but the double standard is beyond ken

She tells the truth and she is taken to the stake

Told why don’t you just lie

It would be so much easier

Why don’t you just leave your job

Why don’t you just do something differently

Why can’t we just be


Not another generation

My heart is breaking and all I want is for it to stop

I want better

It’s too late for my 17 year old niece to not feel that

Can you make it so the 8 year old can live in a different world

It’s not the women who need to change

Teach the boys differently


We have to change


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