Constitutional Rights

The Republicans hold the right to have a gun as a right that cannot be infringed upon in the smallest, slightest way. They are so ardent that they do not want to risk one person not being able to get a gun, to have a delay of an hour in that wish to own a weapon. A gun store owner recently said that deaths were an acceptable consequence of people being able to have those guns, while another was threatened with death for wanting to sell smart guns. The say the same in other ways that the government should not be involved in setting regulations that would infringe on people’s or corporations ability to pollute the environment. That the government should not lead a global effort to combat climate change first because they do no believe in it but that masks their deeper belief that regulations to restrict the pollution that is forever changing the face of this planet would infringe upon those “constitutional rights”. They want a small government that serves only to enrich a select few.

At the same time they take a view that looks very closely at people’s lives and there the constitution falls away. When they look at people’s lives they decide that their  religion and some tight view of what they think the founders of this country wanted and their right to “religious freedom” suddenly trumps everyone else’s rights.

A woman has a  constitutional right to have an abortion, a very personal, very private decision. The Republicans do not defend that constitutional right. They fight it as ardently as they fight for the right to have guns. Suddenly a constitutional right has no meaning. They do not want to allow women to make this choice that the Supreme Court has upheld as a Constitutional right instead they fight it in every way  possible. They do not worry about any woman not being able to exercise her constitutional right. Instead they want to take it away.

When a couple decide to marry the sex of their partner is suddenly an existential threat. When the Supreme Court upholds this as a Constitutional right the Republicans, the conservatives, do not fight to make sure that every  couple has the right to marry no matter their sex. No instead they search for ways to fight it, to not uphold it, to not celebrate it. They do not object to a county clerk saying that they will not do their constitutionally upheld duty – no – instead they fight for the clerk’s right to not do their duty.

When a man is running for and then elected as President the Republicans, the conservatives, decide to challenge and not accept him based on an incredibly far fetched theory that he was somehow born in Kenya. They do not look at the Constitution which says if you are born of an American you are an American and – born in Hawaii so American twice over. No that incredibly ridiculous theory is floated and the first African American President is forced to show his papers and even then he is doubted and the Constitution is ignored.

The Republicans in placing all of their ardent fervor in protecting the right for anyone, no matter who, to buy a gun, any gun, as many guns, in any manner possible look to the constitution. A constitution that they ignore in any and every way possible when it does not fit their views. Yes, the 2nd amendment gives a well ordered militia the right to bear arms. It doesn’t give people the right to hold any and every gun in any possible circumstance.

The Republicans do not honor and follow the constitution. They honor and follow a conservative view that wants to take this country back to a time when the white male held all power. The guns are a symbol of a fear of a changing world where we really do hold all people to be equal. Its time for the Republicans quit hiding behind the constitution and begin honoring it and all people who live in this country.

One thought on “Constitutional Rights

  1. The U.S. Constitution is an imperfect document, created by imperfect people. On some issues, like same sex marriage, I think the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment could be used to argue for the acknowledgement of the rights of same sex couples to get married. As far as the 1st Amendment’s right to free speech goes, it seems that the politically correct crowd seems offended by people who express opinions that are diametrically opposed to their own. From the standpoint of the 4th Amendment, any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the accused that was obtained without a warrant or the individual’s consent cannot and should not be able to be introduced legally. On the right to keep and bear arms, I think that you should be required to undergo a criminal background check before you purchase a firearm. Even though there was no part of the U.S. Constitution that allowed or forbade the existence of same sex marriage, I would argue that everyone should be treated equally in the sense that gay people can get married like heterosexuals do.


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