Bernie’s lies and sexism need to stop

Bennie’s supporters erupted into violence this weekend and its been followed by typical threats of violence by anonymous phone calls, texts, face book and twitter. A woman was told she should be taken out and hung. Bernie claims he cannot control his followers. That is true in the very literal context and very not true as well.

Bernie gets big crowds. There is voracious group that wants to be angry and they want someone to blame. Bernie gives them that. When he started he had a message. It was focused and he meant to be positive.  I’m a political junkie and I have news on all the time and I saw him change. He got big crowds. They were yelling his name. At the same time Hillary was still on her listening tour. She was meeting with voters, talking to small groups. She wasn’t making that big splash and there was Trump. I do not discount what he is done but it can’t be overstated either.

When they had their first debate, with four people involved, Hillary was the clear winner. She dared to question Bernie’s record. I saw a change. Then she called him a one issue candidate and he was infuriated. Couple that with positive polls for him those big crowds and his tone changed. He began to follow the Trump model. He would read his polls, particularly general election match-ups which mean nothing this far out. He has always been proclaiming the Democratic standard – if there is a high turn out Democrats win. Only he changed it to be “we” win – Bernie speaks about himself in the third person. He hasn’t gotten those big turnouts and when there are big turnouts she wins.

Bernie got angrier when groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL endorsed Hillary Clinton. They became the establishment and the establishment was against  him and in the bag for Hillary. Only they aren’t  and they favor Hillary because they see her as better for their issues. A lot of people and groups  do.

Bernie has been winning but he’s been winning in smaller states and particularly caucus states He hasn’t increased turnout. He is way behind in both the popular vote and the delegates. He blame’s southern states for not being progressive, the poor for not showing, people for not knowing him. He claims that super delegates have been “in the bag” for Hillary Clinton for a long time. He won’t admit that he bears responsibility. These are his colleagues that don’t support him. If you ask them why you get the answer. He doesn’t play well with others. He doesn’t wonk with them. They say the opposite about Hillary Clinton. They like to work with her. She gets things done

Bernie Sanders never takes responsibility. Not about bad votes,  not about losing, not when his supporters threaten others with violence. That gets me to sexism. Bernie voting for bills that support women does not mean that he isn’t sexist. From his wagging finger to his telling Hillary not to interrupt to being enraged when she says she thinks he is wrong to believing that she cannot be winning. The only reason she is winning is because the DNC has its finger on the scale for her. He has big crowds, polls say he does better in the fall. He rails against super delegates in one breath and in the next says they should override the will of the voter for him.

What terrifies me is that his ego is feeding a narrative that has gone from making things better to one that says the system is broken. That system has gone from banks to the DNC. Bernie’s crusade against banks has become an assault against the government itself. In his story he is the only possible hero. He is the only one with morals only its a lie. The problem is that much of what Bernie says is less than truthful while Hillary Clinton is the most truthful person in the race.

Right now before the party is ripped apart by violence Bernie owes it to all of us to accept that he has lost. Our government isn’t that broken. We need to fix the problems from the inside. We have to compromise. When the Republican’s won’t that has to be clear. No one gets everything they want and when you lose you recognize and acknowledge it. It’s time for Bernie to reign in the rhetoric and celebrate Hillary’s victory. She has more votes. She has more delegates. You don’t get to win when you don’t. She has a strong progressive agenda. She always has. It’s not yours but its the one we voted for. We voted for her.

Relax Bernie. She’s got this.


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