I’m watching the coverage of the Cosby trial along with the political coverage of the Presidential race.

In one, women were drugged and sexually assaulted by a powerful man. Laws and statutes of limitations and men who won’t believe them stand in the way of justice for them. How many of them were required for them to believed? These women are still being questioned? One man, Bill Cosby, get more benefit of the doubt than all of the women. Sixty plus women needed to come out before they could be believed.

In another, a woman is being persecuted for the actions of her husband in the 90s. Her actions and reactions are being parsed. Her Republican candidate, Donald Trump, is using this as the main question in relation to her qualifications to the President of the United States. While at the same time, Donald Trump, who is the candidate himself said that his own behavior was far worse than anything that President Bill Clinton did. The media chooses to air the questions about Hillary Clinton being to blame for her husband having an affair over investigating (or even just reading) Donald Trump’s own infidelities and purported sexual assaults.

So the MAN – Donald J. Trump – who had the affairs, who has said despicable things and done despicable things – dares to blame the WOMAN who did NOTHING.

Who holds the Responsibility? Who is running for President?

At the same time the men in the race are allowed to tell lies and make assumptions and are given virtually free reign.

Donald Trump is currently playing a game where he is trying to bring blame and shame to Hillary Clinton for the affairs her husband had. I cannot and will not bring judgment on what Bill Clinton has done. None of us can. What I can and will do is say that Hillary Clinton is not responsible. I have no reason to doubt Hillary Clinton on what she knew when. Husbands tend to not tell their wives about affairs. I also think that we would know about it if there were a long term history of malfeasance by Bill Clinton. I’ve heard more negatives about and from Donald Trump than I have about Bill Clinton and I haven’t heard anything about incidents since his affair with Monica Lewinski. That doesn’t diminish his actions in his past but also say that perhaps he has learned, grown, and changed. Donald Trump, on the other hand, continues in his well advertised misogyny. He doesn’t hide what he has done and who he is in 70 years of history.

Is a professional woman who is harassed by a senior scientist when she is 22 and again by the same man at 40, bear responsibility for his actions. Do other women who he harassed? What happens if a woman tells someone and they are told that those allegations cannot be acted upon because he’s well-known? If those allegations, corroborated by other women, are not enough to immediately eliminate him from a job that he’s interviewing for? Does it make a difference that he would be in a senior position, supervising women who he had harassed, supervising other women?

Who is responsible?

Are women who are assaulted responsible for “not stopping” the assailant? Do you hear how crazy that is? How is a woman who’s husband had an affair an enabler? What does she have to do with it?

Why aren’t men responsible for their own actions? Women are guilty before they prove themselves innocent. Why did she take the drink? Was she drinking? Did she say no? Can she prove she said no? Did she report the harasser? What is the impact on his career? Did his wife do enough to stop him? Does her not stopping what she didn’t know about mean that she cannot speak about women’s rights?

Who is responsible?

How about making the men responsible?

It’s time for men to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions!

The other man in the news in the Presidential election news is Bernie Sanders. He needs to take responsibility also. He isn’t going to be the nominee. It’s not the democrats, its not the poor, it’s not the “conservative south”, it’s not the debate schedule, it’s not the super delegates. You lost the south, you are behind by 3M+ votes and about 300 pledged delegates. The primaries weren’t rigged. Rallies don’t make you win. Polls don’t make you win.

Who is responsible?

It’s time for men to grow up and take responsibility.

Women aren’t to blame for what you do. You don’t get to win because you lost to a woman. We are people of our own right. We take responsibility for ourselves. Time for you to do the same.


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