Fair and Balanced

I keep seeing Trump reminding us about Bill Clinton affair. Things we know all about. Then he accuses Hillary Clinton of being an “enabler”. When people question whether Former President Clinton is fair game or not there are quite a few “validations” on why he is. First, it was Trump saying that if the former secretary of State, Senator, First Lady played the “woman card” then President Clinton was fair game. That was validated for some reason by the media. Now it has gone to if secretary Clinton dares mention that her husband, former President

of the United States, may do more than pick out china patterns then he is fair game. Just as Hillary was in 1992. Evidently, female or male alike we don’t want to know that Presidential spouses think. Except, of course, the sainted Reagans. Nancy Reagan is now acknowledged for her role and achievements in her husband’s Presidency. While Hillary is blamed for anything that happened in the 90’s because she dared offer her opinion or tried to get health care for the nation.

Once Hillary Clinton said that her husband would be involved with helping with economic growth that gave Trump and others more “so called rights” to put blame for things Former President’s Bill Clinton did on to his wife.. Hillary was generalizing when she said that Bill would be in “charge of the economy”. Every statement Hillary makes is examined, given extra weight, and placed in a negative light. At the same time Trump utters so many lies that the media has given up fact checking all but the worst. Bernie Sanders tells more lies than Hillary Clinton. You do not hear it often enough but Hillary Clinton is the most truthful person in the election. They don’t mention that in any of the “election news”. They are willing to go on and on about her “lack of likability” and how much people don’t trust her but ask yourself when was the last time you’ve heard anything favorable about Hillary. When someone questions her likability do they ever question why? Does anyone mention that she has been assaulted by the Republicans and the media for more than a quarter century and they’ve never found ANYTHING. But she has been the most admired woman in the United States for the last 10 years.

So we have on one side a man who is a known misogynist, racist, sexist, liar –  I could continue and on the other a woman of integrity who has been working for those who are most vulnerable, the disenfranchised, the underserved, women, minorities since she left college. Notice that Donald Trump doesn’t attack Hillary Clinton directly. He can’t. So he attacks her husband. Bill Clinton did things he should not have done. When he was asked about an affair he lied. That was bad. He acknowledged that lie. He paid for that lie. The House impeached him. The Senate did not convict him. The American people re-elected him. Through all of that Hillary Clinton decided as a mother, as a wife, as First Lady to keep her family together. Put yourself in that position. What was she enabling? She did not know about her husband’s affair when she defended him against Monica Lewinski. Her great crime was believing her husband.

This persecution against HER makes no sense. Donald Trump is on his third marriage. HE has had affairs. HE is accused of sexual assault. He has made too many misogynistic, inappropriate, horrific comments and actions to count.  His actions are being ignored while the commentary about Hillary and through her about her husband are being amplified. There is no fair and balanced in this reporting. Just as there was no equity in the prosecution in the case against the President. I don’t excuse his actions in any way. But the men who lead the accusations against him and remember that while Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives – this is the indictment not the trial – for the High Crime of lying about an affair he was not convicted. The men who led that indictment included Newt Gingrich who was involved in an affair, which involves lying, at the same time. Denny Hastert, another Republican paragon, was paying young men he had sexually assaulted when he was their wrestling coach, for their silence. These are the type of men who led the Republican attacks on the Clinton’s.

As you listen to the assaults against the former Secretary of State ask yourself what substance they have. Look at the facts. A man who HAS cheated himself, who is accused of assault himself, is attacking a woman who was not involved. That makes no sense. I just heard someone say they are not drawing conclusions about Trumps actions in the 90s. Why not? The man wrote about it. He’s bragged about it. His actions and words stand in sharp outline of the type of person HE is. Donald Trump is running for President. He is, himself.

As a woman I’ve been judged for seeking the title and pay equal to my job responsibilities. We know that people have implicit biases. We know that people judge women very harshly when they are seeking positions of power and that there are still  a lot of people who explicitly or implicitly who reject an idea of a female President. Don’t let Donald Trump and the media that is seeking to make HIM presidential color you impression of her. This is not a race that involves former President Clinton. This is about Donald Trump’s character. He has shown us who he is.

Let’s get some fair and balanced coverage and let’s ask that of ourselves. Judge Hillary Clinton for who she is, the progressive policies she is proposing and not be distracted by false and misleading attacks. We owe that to ourselves and to the women and girls who also deserve better.


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