Walls Don’t Make a Country

Build the Wall, Build the Wall, Build the wall

The crowd chants it and then he continues

We aren’t a country without borders and we don’t have borders without a wall.

That cry resounds at Trump rallies these days. His campaign is centered around the wall, the anger, fear and desire to keep out the other. The wall is supposed to protect us. He says it will keep out the bad things. It will define our country. We can’t have a country without borders, he says, and we need a wall to define those borders. Given that so many of his rallies are televised we see this dynamic play out over and over again. We see the anger, the passion in the crowds that scream that rallying cry.

That anger is reflected across the country and it is scary. We don’t need a wall. Putting up a barrier is not going to make anything go away. It doesn’t matter who pays for it. It will cost America dearly. The realities don’t matter in this enraging demand. Geography,  property ownership that kind of thing, are not taken into account. China built a wall 2000 years ago so of course we can. That wall, even the concept of it, is against the soul of this country. That Trump promises a door in the wall is insulting. If we ever build that wall we would lose the soul of the country and would do nothing to solve the real problems that we face.

Reality matters. Illegal immigration from Mexico is down significantly. The children and families that are showing up now and making news are not from Mexico and they aren’t crossing. They come to the border and look for an agent to turn themselves in to. They are refugees from Central and South America and the country that we are should take them in and provide then with a welcome and give them a home. Instead they are used as further example of a porous border. People can come in by plane these days and they do. Drugs come in because we have wanted them and years of a policy of persecuting people for using marijuana and other drugs is far more to blame. If not for our war on drugs, our policies, the drugs coming across our bonder would not be the problem they are.

But those are not the problems that Trump and his supporter are trying to solve, not really. Make America great again is about going back in time. They want a time when the majority was still white, when white men made the rules, when people did not have as many rights. They want a time when they could set laws that benefit them and their morality went unchallenged. None of it is about religion, or anything else, it is about control. If it isn’t familiar, if it gives others equality they do not like, they fear it and don’t want to accept it. There are polls out there that Trump supporters wouldn’t mind going back to the time before the civil war. That doesn’t describe them all. I would never paint them with that broad of a brush but they are mostly running on a feeling of fear.

They are afraid of new ideas, losing control, of a world that has terrorism that can reach our shores. They feel people dying every day and are not willing to admit that their guns are frequently responsible. They see a crumbling infrasture and they need someone to blame, and they will not accept their policies have brought us here. They do not see a recovery. They do not see the improvements in our standing in the world. They do not see that our country is doing better. They have been fed lies for years, for decades really, but lately it has become worse. Those lies feed in to a narrative that different people are responsible for perceived problems. Its why minorities, including women see the positive. They see our President’s accomplishments and that the party of No, the party of the wall, are the ones holding us back. They are the ones who want to give power to terror.

We are not a nation governed by fear and hate. We are a country of immigrants. We are a country that isn’t supposed to care about religion or the color of your skin. The cry for a wall is a cry of fear and of anger. We cannot give in to it. We are better than that.

We do not need a wall. We don’t need to fight within ourselves. We don’t need a revolution. We need to work together, remember how to compromise, to be one Nation. We need to listen to voices like Malala and send books and teachers instead of guns and soldier, within the U. S. as well as around the world. We need to quit thinking about walls and celebrate our differences and remember that is why America is great. We are not hate we are love and caring & growth. Say no to walls. We don’t need a revolution, we need to wonk together. We made it to the moon now let’s reach for the stars and be that shining example of a country that can recognize the things we do wrong, correct our mistakes, and move forward.

We do not Need a Wall!


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