Establishment or Status Quo

Bernie Sanders wants a political revolution but what does that mean? He’s fighting the establishment. He is running as a democrat not because he is a part of the team but because he wanted to use them as the only way he could get traction. But what is the establishment? Why isn’t Bernie Sanders, who has been in Washington D.C. since 1991, a part of the establishment? Why is Bernie never held to a standard of accountability for his time in Congress. It wasn’t that he didn’t have a platform to speak out. It wasn’t even that he wasn’t known. The people who work with him say that he didn’t work well with others. Where his votes went the “right way” he heralds himself as the hero. Where his votes went the “wrong way” there was a reason that he voted that way. Some small thing that was just so bad he couldn’t support it. Either way he says that he has been fighting the establishment.

People are angry and Bernie has tapped into the anger by preaching a fight against this establishment. But no one really can define the establishment and how can you fight what you can not define.

We have a great President right now. He knows how to get things done. He is liked and respected within the democratic party. They have worked with him to get a lot of great things done. They aren’t the problem. They really aren’t – sure they are aren’t perfect and they have to spend way to much time raising money. Yes, we have to get money out of politics. But that isn’t what is making people angry.

The democrats believe in climate change and they are doing everything they can to make changes. Go down Bernie’s list in his stump speech it’s not the democrats.

The Republicans, driven by a conservative minority, that is very vocal,  and very unhappy with a changing America that is more open, freer, more accepting, and not wanting to accept science and facts, have shut down the conversation. Their status quo has been in place for decades but it was driven more into the light when President Obama was elected. They came right out and said that they were going to obstruct him. He was the boogie man who was going to take their guns, their religion, their rights and so they became openly what they had been in the shadows. They became the party of no and they celebrated it.

To do that they made President Obama and the democratic party the wrong ones. It didn’t matter what the President said. He was incompetent, he was a dictator, he was a emperor, he was weak, he was doing the wrong thing and they were empowered to say it and they have tied Hillary Clinton to that diagnosis. The Republicans are basing their entire platform on lies and the media hasn’t done much to show they are wrong.

Bernie is taking advantage of the disarray. He is preaching against the establishment and he is using the absolute dysfunction of the republican party to challenge the entire function of the government. However, nothing he is doing is going to interrupt the state of the status quo. He doesn’t want to raise money for democrats. He talks about a 50 state solution but he doesn’t encourage his supporters to back their local or state representation. He is encouraging them to believe that the establishment is bad and that he is the solution. He is going to fix it but he isn’t acknowledging the status quo.

Where government is weak you should invest more in rebuilding and supporting the system. Bernie alone cannot solve the problem when he doesn’t recognize what it is. He is razor focused on the financial industry and campaign finance reform. It’s the be all and end all and its rallying those who need more from our government and it’s not the problem or the solution. If a President could solve this problem alone President Obama would have solved it. It’s not that easy. We have to stop the status quo. We have to stop a part of the country that wants to bury it’s head in the sand and that doesn’t happen through a revolution of one.

We have to stop denial, we have to start the flow of ideas, acceptance of others, we have to build bridges and we build on what we have not tear it. We have to stop hating our government, we have to acknowledge where it is good and where it can be made better. We have to stop the status quo.



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