I AM Not a Victim

I spent a day watching people backtrack as they “distanced” themselves from Trump’s comments when he said the inevitable truth when it comes to “outlawing” choice. The reality is that when you make abortion illegal, when you take away a woman’s right to choose what happens inside of her own body, you are criminalizing her – not her actions her own body. There was a lot said about the “outrage” but on the conservative side it came down to this

  • Women are victims
  • Abortion is the deepest exploitation of women
  • Abortion providers are serving, hurting broken women

I am not a victim. We are not victims. A woman does NOT go to a doctor about something deeply, heartbreakingly personal and she is NOT forced into making a decision. It is something she has considered and thought about and searched her soul about.

Ted Cruz said that women should not be prosecuted for this decision. The doctors who “victimized” them should be. Some ALL KNOWING THEY need to defend the lives, the precious gift that women have to give life and to give birth. Another said that women are victims who are like an animal chewing its leg off in a trap and they are preyed up by “big government and planned parenthood”.

They say these words and they think that they are delivering the “right message”. Their beliefs and the rights they are trying to take aren’t about the women because women are the victims. We aren’t making the decisions, we are innocent, deluded individuals who just need someone to tell them what to do. We need someone to protect us from the doctors who make us do something that we don’t want to do.

I am not a victim.

I am a woman, I am a human, I have rights.

Use all the pretty language you want taking that right from me, from us, it is the same thing. A woman is a person, not a victim, we are people not objects, we are powerful not weak. See us as we ARE and acknowledge that we will make the choice, whatever the law. Acknowledge that and acknowledge that Donald Trump was right if you make our choices illegal you make us criminals. It is really just that simple. The ones who want to take the choice  are the ones who do not see responsibility. They will not see that the man is as complicit in a world without choice. It is not the world that I want to live in.

I am a WOMAN and I am STRONG and I have FREE WILL.

When WOMEN succeed the WORLD succeeds

2 thoughts on “I AM Not a Victim

  1. I totally agree! There seems to be a consensus among the right as well as some on the left that we are only the value our uterus and ovaries have to contribute to society. However, they don’t value anything else about us. From their perspective, we have no brain unless it is telling us to stay home and create babies. Who wants to create more children that only have two goals…to oppress and be oppressed? That might sound extreme…but, isn’t that what they are saying when we are not secured the right over our own bodies?

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    1. I can’t remember who said it but they said that the right is pro-fetus as opposed to pro-life. They don’t care what happens after birth. It’s about control they are so afraid of what happens when people are free. You saw it when President Obama was elected they have been terrified that the black man will somehow threaten them. It is the same with women they are afraid of what will happen if they do not control us. They are the party of fear even more than the party of no.


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