Nataya’s Worlds

Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Elizabeth Lessard – so why Nataya’s Worlds. I’m a writer and I wrote my first books, the Star’s End series, under the name Nataya and she became a deeper part of the story than I expected and I won’t be surprised if she will be involved with more.  If you are interested in exploring that world, the books are available on Amazon, and the other worlds, they will be many and will not all be about writing.

In addition to being a writer, and a Business Manager, I am also a political junkie and a weather geek. For almost a quarter century I worked for a program called COMET, which develops distance education used around the world. If you want to learn about the weather and very importantly about accelerated climate change, why it’s real and why it matters, it is a great resource.

I was laid off in September 2014, and my mum lost her battle with Pancreatic cancer in November of that same year. My father had passed not long before that and having my life battered down to the foundation, I set about trying to figure out how to rebuild and what my new life would look like. I relearned a lesson that I had learned early, you can do anything if you set your mind to it and, as mum used to say, you practice, practice, practice. I also dove deep into the world of politics and more importantly the people and policies that drive it.

I hope to share what I have learned over a life working with the government, the private sector, not for profits, foundations, and other countries. I want to share my new love for creating art, and that anyone can do it if they try. I want to share my (strong) views on politics and why I believe that we need to be more open, more caring, helping not hurting, supporting everyone, not closing off, saying yes to diversity, not be afraid of it, and to always explore whether through a good book or by dreaming of a life where going into space isn’t just through a book.

Even in times that are scary I see a bright future, and we need to work for that. We need to change before we allow impasses like the ones over climate change to become barriers so strong that we cannot overcome them. I dream of a world where my nieces are given every opportunity and they don’t have to worry if something is sexist, or that the color of their skin will affect their future because we will see ourselves as one race, one nation, and one world.

I hope that you come back often and that I can meet the challenge of making this a place that engenders conversation and where we can talk openly and where I hope I can make a small difference in your life and maybe even in the world.



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